Introducing a new way to "Start your own Digital Agency"
which will allow you to become a part of Digital Revolution!


(Yes, we are legally guaranteeing you'll make at least $2,000 in 16 weeks,
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What our partners are saying about how we are different compared to other opportunities out there

I was looking for a Partner that would give me a better work-life balance. The Tenacious Techies Partner offered me an opportunity to work from home and have more free time for my family and personal hobbies. I especially enjoy the freedom consulting offers to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

-- Catharina Connellan

Amit Dwivedi is journalist and running a successful event management company in Delhi. He have more than 12 years experience as a journalist. Most of his clients came from Corporate Background. He was looking to add another source of Income while continuing with his current business. After looking at Taskkers Mobile App he decided to took the opportunity as he felt the app is very useful for Consumers and Local Businesses

-- Amit Dwivedi

I have a passion to see entreprenuers and small businesses succeed. I plan to make a difference in a number of small businesses as well as entreprenuers by offering them products from Tenacious Techies that will help them scale their revenues up and have a strong digital footprint for their products and services.

-- Admire Chifura

Over 30 years hospitality background, having worked in a number of countries, including UK, USA, Asia, Middle East and Africa and seen an opportunity to get in early as I noticed a trend developing on how people order food and beverage and how hospitality operators are looking for more efficient ways of serving their consumers.

-- Dean Menzies

8 ways Tenacious Techies Partner Success Program will help you start your own Online Business

  1. We will create your own website to build your Online Brand. The local contact details along with our world class products will allow you to secure clients easily.
  2. Create a powerful strategy to empower local restaurant, event management companies and other businesses in succeeding online.
  3. Get Acccess to Marketing Material and presentation kit to showcase the products which solved there day to day operational problems
  4. Pre Defined Email Templates to get into action straight away rather than spending countless amount of time in writing emails
  5. Sales and Marketing Training to allow you to improve your persuasive skills to run your own successful business
  6. Become a Powerful Digital Entrepreneur in your market as a vast majority of your customers will start seeing HUGE results from our products, services and consulting.
  7. Recurring Income and Sales giving your passive income generating opportunity. Once they see the success, they will be hooked on our products, they will be wanting more and more services from you.
  8. You will love your business as more and more business owners will get attracted to you as you will make bigger impact on their bottom line

Our Clients

Start your Own Digital Agency with ZERO RISK

Tenacious Techies is helping Entrepreneurs across the globe in starting their own online business...

...And if you are looking to start your own business which guarantees results, Our Partner Success Program is not just "a" Solution... It's the "ONLY" Solution.

Earn your first $2000 within 16 weeks

What you will need If you try to do all yourself

  • Rental Premises to estabish your company's local presence.
  • Computers to allow your employees to work on the projects you plan to secure.
  • Internet and Phone Lines to communicate with clients for the projects.
  • Hire Skilled Employees to do the website design, content writing and backend development to complete any projects. You will need to hire mobile app developers and digital marketers if you are planning to provide these services.
  • Website Setup as you will need to impress your client by showing your website and your portfolio of previous works before they give you their project.
  • Invest and Build your own Digital Product for the industry specific problem you want to solve.
  • Sales & Marketing team to generate leads for the servies which you would like to provide to your potential clients.
  • Project Management to manage projects which have been secured through sales activity.
  • Capital to pay recurring monthly expenses like Wages, Rental, Advertising and other expenses which can cost over $3,000 to $20,000/month depending upon size of your team.
You will spend your Money on
  1. Rental Premises
  2. Computers and Infrastructure
  3. Employee Wages
  4. Website Setup
  5. Building Portfolio
  6. Marketing
  7. Project Management
  8. Sales Team
  9. Email Template Creation
  10. Google & Facebook Ads Design

Tenacious Techies Partner Success Program will remove
all your above obstacles

  • No Rental Premises needed as you can work from home on computer only through Internet
  • No Need to Hire Developers, Designers or any Techincal Guru to complete online projects
  • Free Website setup on your own company name to build Trust and Credibility with your local customers
  • Proven Portfolio to showcase to your clients to allow them to place their order easily
  • Marketing and Sales Training to secure projects locally and globally
  • Free Marketing Material to save you hundreds of dollars of designing cost
  • Advertising Material like Social Media Posts, Facebook Ads, Videos and Much More
  • Proven products to showcase to restaurant owners, Event Management Companies, Cinemas or anyone who is looking to take their business online, helping you to secure sales easily.

Don't take our word for it!

Here's what our clients are saying...

Earn your first $2000 within 16 weeks

No matter in which part of the world you are...
Tenacious techies partner program works!

We've seen Tenacious Techies Products and Services work in any part of the world, as every country is going Digital, from website and apps to games and Digital Marketing, every businesses need to go online to stay ahead in the competition.

Our partners have joined from various industry backgrounds like Management, HR, Testing, House Wife, Businessman, Software Engineering, Journalism, Graphic Designing and Sales Professional, They are generating secondary income while working full time or part time.

Our partners are able to learn how to earn more and more and can easily learn about products and they contact our support team anytime they have any questions.

The powerful products which come with free trial and money back guarantee allows the sales process to work smoothly without trying to do any sales from self.

You will be able to create your Own Digtal Marketing Agency and your customers will LOVE you, making your company STAND OUT of the crowded market.

So if you want to use the power of success program to start your own digital agency, you are invited to join us!

Tenacious Techies is helping Entrepreneurs across the globe in starting their own online business...

...And if you are looking to start your own business which guarantees results, Our Partner Success Program is not just "a" Solution... It's the "ONLY" Solution.

Your mission, should be to choose the 16 Weeks Challenge to Learn, Market and Make $2,000 or more from Tenacious Techies Partnter Success Program in 16 weeks or less, so you can get off the 9 to 5 job, make more money and have an impact on someone's life.

We'll do this together, with training, support, website setup, guidance, marketing material and sales training every step of the way.

From the time you join, you will get instant access to training, knowledge about products and the opportunity. You will be able to draft your Mission which you want to work toward.

And you will get constant support, training, feedback and coaching to keep you going and getting results.

Earn your first $2000 within 16 weeks

Entrepreneurs from following background are joining our Partner Success Program

Software consultants

Graphic and Web designers


Advertising Agencies





Our 16 week challenge guarantees that you will make atleast US $2,000 from Tenacious Techies partner Succes Program within 16 weeks. If not, I'll personally work with you until you get your investment back. That means I'm personally guaranteeing you will succeed, And it means that you have absolutely ZERO RISK by joining Partner Successs Program, because we know you will earn back more than what you have invested in our program, and if you don't, we will make the money for you!

To qualify for the guarantee, you will just need to do these 3 things:

  1. Complete step-by-step training we'll give you to understand about our products and services within first week
  2. Invest atleast 3 to 4 hours of your time during working hours to send proposal to potential clients as per the Sales and Marketing Training
  3. Report Daily Activities as per training to our Support Team and make use of coaching, support and resources when you face any challenges

Then by the end of 12 week program, you'll either have earned at least $2,000 ( you are likely to earn more than that) or I'll work with you untill you earn it.

Earn your first $2000 within 16 weeks

What you will get when you join
Tenacious Techies Partner Success Program?

Benefit #1

Logo Creation

We will design a complete branded logo of your own company as per your inputs. We will give you 3 revisions for logo creation and own Branding. The logo creation process is almost 3 to 7 Days.

Valued : US $ 450
Benefit #2

Your Own Website & Branding

Why spend thousand of dollars in building your own website. We will remove all the hassle in writing own content, building own portfolio and hiring developers and designers. Our ready made website template will be completely customised as per your logo and Branding colors.

Valued : US $ 2000
Benefit #3

Business Card Design

We will design a professional and creative business card for you. These modern cards are an effective tool to drive customers and make a quick first impression on the recipients.

Valued : US $ 150
Benefit #4

Sales and Marketing Training

We will give you complete Sales and Marketing Training to sell our digital solutions to customers online.

Valued : US $500
Benefit #5

30+ Email Templates

We will give you multiple email templates which you can send to client in order to secure new projects. The e-mail templates will save you lot of time and energy in writing emails. Just invest in a CRM system and populate this e-mail to save hunderds of hours.

Valued : US $ 450
Benefit #6

3+ Email Automation Funnel

We will install 1 Funnel into your Keap CRM to promote our In-demand: "Become a Certified SEO Professional" Course. The funnel will be made of 1 Landing Page to acquire customers on free course and a series of 5 to 6 emails to upgrade to professional course. You will need to invest in the CRM which can cost upto $49/month

Valued : US $ 750
Benefit #7

Marketing Material (Presentation, Videos, Flyers and more)

We will give you complete marketing material and presentation to sell our digital solutions to customers online. The branding materal consist of Banners Ads, PowerPoint Presentation, Email Templates, Videos and much more

Valued : US $ 1000
Benefit #8

SEO and Project Proposal Template

You will get multiple SEO and Project Proposal templates which you can send to clients to secure new projects. It creates clarity about the goals, priorities, and requirements of the project and saves lots of your precious time.

Valued : US $ 500
Benefit #9

Facebook and Google Ad Banners

We will give you Facebook Banner Ads for Foodchow and SEO Course. Promote this post organically on Facebook Events, Groups and pages. You have option to run paid promotion if you like to acquire customers through paid advertising.

Valued : US $ 250
Benefit #10

1 on 1 Coaching Sessions (up to 10 hour)

We will give upto 5 hours of one-on-one training whenever you need any help in acquring new customers. The coaching is done by experts who have years of experience in digital field.

Valued : US $ 1000
Benefit #11

Listing on Our Website

We will list you on our website as a authorised partner. This will help you in creating trust and credibility by joining our reputed Brand. Also it will be a free marketing to our website visitors, in order to help you generate more leads and sales.

Valued : US $ 99
Benefit #12

1 Year Hosting

You will get 1 year of hosting of your website on our powerful dedicated server. We will look after your website maintenace and will be able to create your own company branded emails

Valued : US $ 260
Benefit #13

1 Year SSL Certificate

We will install SSL Certification on your website to increase security and preventing any attacks. The website will build more trust to your visitors as well as improve your SEO

Valued : US $ 90
Benefit #14

Become a Certified SEO Professional

You will get a free access to our “Become a Certified SEO Training” which will help you in implementing SEO on your website as well as edcuate you to provide SEO Consultating to business owners.

Valued : US $ 297
Benefit #15

Affliate Marketing Training

Learn how you can make thousands of Dollars in passive income with Affiliate Marketing. The course will show which platforms are available to sell in-demand affiliate marketing products.

Valued : US $ 49
Benefit #16

Essential Step-by-Step Project Training & Other Training

This course will allow you to undertand what are the steps which needs to be followed when a business owners wants to go online. Learn the blueprint, so that you can take necessary information when appraoching new customers.

Valued : US $ 154
Benefit #17

Lead Generation (Special Offer Only For Gold Plan)

This course will allow you to undertand what are the steps which needs to be followed when a business owners wants to go online. Learn the blueprint, so that you can take necessary information when appraoching new customers.

Valued : US $ 2000
Benefit #18

50% of Discount for 1st 3 months on Keap CRM

We are Keap Certified Partner, which will allow you to get 50 % discount on a very powerful CRM and marketing automation software.

Save : $ 250
Benefit #19

Unlimited Support 1 year

We will provide you one-on-one call support to help you set up and grow your business effectively.

Valued : $ 5000
Logo Creation(Value $450)
Your Own Website & Branding (Value $2000)
Sales and Marketing Training (Value $500)
Business Card Design (Value $150)
30+ Email Templates (Value $450)
3+ Email Automation Funnel (Value $750)
Marketing Material (Presentation, Videos,Flyers and more) (Value $1000)
SEO and Project Proposal Template (Value $500)
Facebook and Google Ad Banners (Value $250)
1 on 1 Coaching Sessions (up to 10 hour) (Value $1000)
SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Sales and Other Training (Value $500)
1 Year Website Hosting & SSL Certificate (Value $350)
Unlimited Support 1 year (Value $5000)
50% Discount for 1st 3 months on Keap CRM (Value $250)
License to use Tenacious Techies Products & Portfolio (Value $1000)
Lead Generation (Value $10,000) 3 Month

Earn your first $2000 within 16 weeks

Don't take our word for it!

Here's what our partner are saying...

Still got questions? No Problem - We have Answers

  • What makes Tenacious Techies Partner Success Program Unique?

    Tenacious Techies Partner Success Program allows anyone without any technical knowledge in starting their own business. The challenge gives you the opportunity to dedicate at least 2 hours a day to establish a successful business within 16 weeks.

  • I have no idea about computers or software coding, is this still a good fit for me?

    I created the Partner Success Program as I am not a software developer myself. If you believe in technology and want to learn how companies and individuals earn online, then yes this program is 100% Suitable for you.

  • I am not good at sales or marketing, will this program still help me?

    Not knowing a skill is not a problem but not willing to learn is the problem. Sales are the bloodline of every business to keep it running. Without sales, no business can succeed. When you join us, you get complete training in sales and marketing. We will also provide a dedicated lead generation plan.

  • Do I have to hire a sales team or need an office space?

    You don't need to hire a sales team or have an office space to start your online business. You can work from any part of the world when you join our program.

  • What can I expect once I enroll in the Partner Success Program?

    Upon completion of your order, we will send you an email with access to our training within 48 hours. You will become part of our Partner Success Program and will start receiving a weekly task soon afterwards.

  • How much will I earn after buying a Partner?

    Your future earning potential depends upon the type of Partner as well as the number of hours you put in. You can use our profit calculator in order to track potential earning figures.

  • I have never owned my own business before, can I still buy a Tenacious Techies Partner?

    Yes! A Tenacious Techies Partner comes with corporate training and methodologies which will help you successfully run your own business. You don’t need previous business experience as our training will give you all the tools you need.

  • What is the guarantee or refund with Partner Success Program?

    We offer conditional Guarantee. We don't offer refunds. As we require is that you follow the steps which have been given in the training, attend coaching calls or watch replays. We are giving you the opportunity to get your investment back within 16 weeks and if you don't, we will work with you until you get it.

  • What support do I get if I get stuck?

    As a partner of Tenacious Techies we have got your covered. You will get support by -
    1. Sending us an email
    2. Facebook Group Community
    3. Support Team
    4. Webinar and Coaching Calls

Earn your first $2000 within 16 weeks