Tenacious Techies Partner Success Program Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Because of the nature of this program, we don’t offer ANY refund or return. Why? Unlike other business programs and info products where you're left to “figure it out”, this program includes a LOT of training, website setup and group coaching to guide you through the process of staring own Digital Agency. This website setup, training, marketing material and coaching cost us real money to provide, but we believe in investing in your success. We're asking you to commit to us that you're fully “in’, so we can make this investment in you.

Need support?

Our support team is here for any questions you have during your learning journey.

Whatever you need, we have got you covered!

If you're excited or freaking out and want to share anything, please feel free to contact us anytime, we will be more than glad to answer your queries.

For general support including tech problems and customer service concerns, please email us at: contact@tenacioustechies.com or call +91 99796 19126

We guarantee you “$1,000 in 16 Weeks” with No-Risk*

We guarantee that you will make at least $2,000 from Tenacious Techies Partner Success Program.

If you still don’t get your ROI, we will personally work with you to secure your first client until you get your ROI.

That means we're personally guaranteeing your success.

And it also means that there's no financial risk in joining the Partner Program, by the end of 16 weeks, you will have earned back the cost of the program, and by any chance, if you don't, do not worry, we’ll work personally with you and we will be going to get the clients for you.

Who can submit a NO- RISK* guarantee claim amount?

1. The investment is risk-free if you have contacted a minimum of 20 relevant business owners daily and report back to tenacious techies at the end of the day. Mentioning, business name along with their email, phone number, product/service pitched and feedback of the contact.(Example - What was the conversation was about, CUSTOMER NOT INTERESTED, PRICE TOO HIGH, NOT REQUIRED, BETTER COMPETITOR PRODUCT etc.) This allows us to review your feedback in order to help you, secure clients.

2. Minimum of 1200 business need to be approached and talked to by the reseller at the end of 16 weeks.

3. If you do not perform any of the tasks as discussed in the above two points, Guarantee of $2000 in 16 Weeks is void.

4. The reseller will display, demonstrate and represent the Services fairly and will make no representations concerning Tenacious Techies or the Services which are false, misleading or inconsistent with those representations set forth in the promotional materials, literature and manuals published and supplied by Tenacious Techies to Reseller.

5. The reseller will not use and will withdraw and retract, any of its own promotion or advertising materials regarding or relating to the Services that Tenacious Techies, in its sole discretion, finds unsuitable, or that is in breach of the terms of this Agreement.

6. Neither party will make any press release or other public announcement concerning this Agreement without the prior written approval of the other party (unless a press release or public amendment is required by law or by regulations binding upon any of the parties of their affiliates, in which case the disclosing party agrees to give the non-disclosing party prior notice and an opportunity to comment on the proposed disclosure).

7. Renewal Fee of USD 1,000 is compulsory to keep the partnership active according to the contract.

8. If you do not pay the USD 1,000 renewal fee, you are liable to all the recurring charges of hosting.

9. You will have no authority on our content, images or logo, as soon as you stop paying USD 1,000 renewal fee.

10. If you use our content, images or logo on any digital space you will be prosecuted under copyright case.

Notice Period and Service Termination

1. All amounts not paid to Tenacious Techies by Reseller within 30 days of when such amounts become due and payable in accordance with this Agreement shall be subject to a notice period of 7 days.

2. If any amount remains unpaid after the notice period, Tenacious Techies will write a notice to Reseller regarding the suspension of Services to any or all End Users within the next 2 days after the notice period ends.

3. The reseller will no longer be authorized to resell or provide Services to End Users following the expiration or termination of this Agreement. In order to avoid any interruption of Services received by End Users, Tenacious Techies and Reseller may communicate with End Users, either jointly or individually as each party deems best.

4. Reseller will not be relieved from the payment of any amounts owed to the other party under this Agreement accruing on or prior to termination of this Agreement.

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