Franchise Testimonial

Nishanth Konda
( Canada )

Client’s Background

I currently work as an IT manager for a reputed company and have been into technology space for a while. I have a passion for changing technology trends and I keep on updating myself with the latest innovation to stay ahead of the game.

What type of opportunity were you looking for?

I was looking for an E-commerce / Online Business Opportunity which I can pursue along with my current job. I wanted to put an extra couple of hours a day in this business which I can scale up and slowly move to full-time business.

Why did you join Tenacious Techies partner program?

First of all, I was a client of Tenacious Techies. I invested in an online business, however, have not been able to make any sales as I expected, after which I took service from Tenacious Techies.

Mr. Jigar, who is the founder of Tenacious Techies, showed me ways to improve the sales.

I realized I wanted to help businesses and start-ups in Canada as well and shown interest in the Partner Success Program. I saw the whole video of this program and noticed a lot of value and benefits which I will get upon enrolment.

The whole program empowers anyone who wants to start their own online business.

What you plan to do as you have joined this program?

Work together in improvising both businesses and explore new ventures in online businesses to set up a profitable and successful e-commerce business.

Tell us what you think about digital products and the growth you see in your country?

Canada is one the most promising country for SaaS products. The country is going through Digital Transformation and businesses who are not adapting to technology are closing down. Being a technocrat I am very positive for digital products growth story in Canada.

Which product of Tenacious Techies do you see as the biggest opportunity in your territory?

I believe the Food Ordering System that is and the Event Ticketing system that is can be the biggest opportunity in Canada. The reason is anyone can try for free and only pay if they are getting any benefits from this innovative solution.

Jean Bosco Manirarora
( Rwanda )


Mr. Jean works full time in Rwanda and loves Technology. Recently he realised technology will replace many jobs and his country needs technology to improve living standards and solve problems which businesses faces. He started looking for technology products which can be promoted in his country to earn as well as help other businesses succeed.

What type of opportunity you were looking for

I was looking for an opportunity which can bring innovation in the way people do business in my country, and which can provide me with professional satisfaction and financial independence.

Why did you join Tenacious Techies partner program

I decided to join Tenacious Techies partner program because it includes many products. These products are useful in doing business and are needed in my country. Moreover,

What you plan to do as you have joined the program

First of all, I need to know well the functioning and use of Tenacious Techie’s products. I will then have to make Tenacious Techie’s products known to different business operators, and how E-business works because it seems to be still unknown to many here. I think I will need to use ads, as well as approaching businesses individually.

Dean Menzies
( U.K Utopia )


Over 30 years hospitality background, having worked in a number of countries, including UK, USA, Asia, Middle East and Africa and seen an opportunity to get in early as I noticed a trend developing on how people order food and beverage and how hospitality operators are looking for more efficient ways of serving their consumers.

What type of opportunity you were looking for

Looking for an opportunity that would enable me to utilise my hospitality background.

Why did you join Tenacious Techies partner program

I liked what they had to offer and had numerous conversations with Jigar and highlighted that I had zero I.T. experience and even some of the jargon and phrases used seemed alien to me. He answered all my questions over a number of weeks via email and telephone conversations – so I felt comfortable that I could get involved using my skills and utilising his, and his team’s technical expertise.

What you plan to do as you have joined the program

I intend to get a full understanding of the different products / services on offer and then utilise my contacts within the industry to get these installed.

What do you plan to achieve with the Partner Success Program

With 30 + years of experience in Hospitality, I plan to develop a Hotel OS to help Hoteliers improve their customer engagement and experience. I am looking forward to release our first working prototype to help hoteliers all around the globe.. I believe if the prototype is accepted I will be able to scale my new idea with Technical help and Joint Venture partnership with Tenacious Techies.

Raghupathiy Vittal
( Singapore )


Raghupathiy , is a Singapore Citizen and have been working in manufacturing and technology from last 25 year. He recently left his long career to start his own company so that he can spend time with his family . He believes in Entrepreneurship and technology as times have changed .

What type of opportunity you were looking for

I was looking for any projects related to technology and IT, because in Singapore there are lot of opportunities available when it comes to technology . I noticed there are many MNC who have presence in Singapore have a development centre in India. I was looking for similar strategy where I can use my local presence and network and capitalise on India IT Talent pool.
I have been looking for opportunity form 3 months and came across Tenacious Techies Partner Success Program
Technology is going to be the future and Singapore is going for smart city and smart nation and lot of apps are already here and future will be IT only. Every businesses will need to adopt to technology to be competitive and sustain.

Why did you join Tenacious Techies partner program

I was very much impressed with, and lot of companies are looking for Apps, Website and Digital Marketing solution. Tenacious Techies has lot of products available for many industries and I saw the Demo of every product before joining the program.
Also the partner program was within my budget and I see lot of value for the price, and a very low risk compared to other business opportunities.
I was able to get all my queries answered before enrolling myself in Business Opportunity with Tenacious Techies.

What you plan to do as you have joined the program

I will be approaching local client by setting up my own company on full time basis. The best part about the opportunity is I can work part time as well if I decided to do a job or start any other venture.

Amit Dwivedi
( Delhi )


Amit Dwivedi is journalist and running a successful event management company in Delhi. He have more than 12 years experience as a journalist. Most of his clients came from Corporate Background. He was looking to add another source of Income while continuing with his current business. After looking at Taskkers Mobile App he decided to took the opportunity as he felt the app is very useful for Consumers and Local Businesses

Why Did he joined Tenacious Techies ?

I always wanted to do something different and innovative before I die. I reviewed Taskkers app and saw its making people life easy to find and secure work. Also I am a social person and love to do social work . I saw this app can create lot of employemnet which can also solve unemployment problem in India. I joined Taskkes as I saw many benefits like recurring income, no hard selling, exclusive territorial rights, and a business which can be sold for profit . Wanted to give easy life