Franchise Testimonial

Nishant Pawar


"An ardent IT supporter with an indefatigable attitude for software development."

Nishant has worked for more than 10 years as a software developer for companies in India and U.A.E. During this time he has worked on several projects mainly to re-engineering the business process, web development and business analytics. He has done Master in business administration and Bachelor of engineering in information technology.

Why Did he joined Tenacious Techies ?

Nishant has always desired to become an entrepreneur. Franchising with Tenacious techies will be a good opportunity to realize this dream. An interesting aspect with tenacious techies is that it provides complete freedom in defining business strategy, and its goals. This at times necessitates creativity. Creativity and creative freedom matters a lot to Nishant and hence decided to join Tenacious techies to leverage on its existing support structure and promising product line-up.

Message for the uninterested

I have had good experience working with Jigar so far in my capacity of being a Master franchise for Tenacious techies. Jigar has been professional and insightful in helping me setup the business. Not only did he provide the necessary tools, but also some invaluable insights in order to plan and execute my business strategy. I look forward to his continuous support in order to grow the business and have solid market foothold.

I strongly recommend Tenacious Techies to anybody wanting to start his/her own business. If he is busy, you can contact me anytime. :-)


Amit Dwivedi is journalist and running a successful event management company in Delhi. He have more than 12 years experience as a journalist. Most of his clients came from Corporate Background. He was looking to add another source of Income while continuing with his current business. After looking at Taskkers Mobile App he decided to took the opportunity as he felt the app is very useful for Consumers and Local Businesses

Why Did he joined Tenacious Techies ?

I always wanted to do something different and innovative before I die. I reviewed Taskkers app and saw its making people life easy to find and secure work. Also I am a social person and love to do social work . I saw this app can create lot of employemnet which can also solve unemployment problem in India. I joined Taskkes as I saw many benefits like recurring income, no hard selling, exclusive territorial rights, and a business which can be sold for profit . Wanted to give easy life

Amit Dwivedi