Cross Platform Application Development

Tenacious Techies firmly believes in adopting to new technologies which can give higher productivity and profit to businesses. Due to increase in number of Mobile OS like iOS, Android, Nokia’s Symbian , Samsung’s Bada it was costly for businesses to hire developers for all this platforms. Few businesses saw this problem and came out with cross platform application development. This has helped developers to write code once and release in all the major mobile operating system .There are few companies which has released their SDK’s to develop cross platform mobile application. Some of this are


Tenacious Techies develops application for Phone Gap for businesses who did like to make their applications on iOS, Android, Symbian and RIM. Our Cross platform application developers have wide industry experience to give you state of the art solution for your business.

Titanium Appcelerator

Titanium has grown very quickly to grab the market share for in demand cross platform mobile apps development tool. It has gained trust of many reputed companies like paypal, ebay , merck and many more. Our developers have already worked on Titanium and have successfully published apps on Android Market.


MoSync SDK is being used by businesses to develop applications on iOS, Windows Phone 7, Android, Symbian, javaME and Blackberry. Our team have successfully develop and released apps made using MoSync SDK.

Tenacious Techies can create cross platform apps using tools like Phone Gap, MoSync, and Titanium Appcelerator.

  • High potential of growth as there are not many apps available currently.

  • Microsoft & Nokia both have easy access to reach worldwide and are known brands worldwide.

  • Can create new apps compatible with various Windows platforms and OS.