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Our Mission
Our mission is to be the leading mobile application development company.
We aim to develop mobile apps that can change the way we do our day to day work, with a click of a button.
Our Vision
Our vision is to be one of the most innovative companies in around the world. We believe technology can makes life better for everyone, if used for a good cause.
We want to develop mobile application development training and methodologies, which can make cutting edge technologies so that the world is a better place.

Tenacious Process

We don’t just talk the talk, but even walk the talk. We assure our clients that we deliver what we have promised. We do this by clear documentation in Black & White and , both companies agreeing to the same Terms & Condition . work on number of flexible plans to execute projects, the common ones are:
Fixed Price
Fixed Price model is recommended to client when they have put a brief requirement of their project. Once we analyze the project requirement, we will provide a Fixed Price in writing, or email to execute and finish the project. This is recommended as it is a RISK FREE model, and provides you the peace of mind to get the project completed in time,and within your price range.
Hourly Base
Hourly Base model is based upon number of hours necessary to finish the project. This type of model is suitable, when client doesn’t know complete scope of project. The hourly rate is calculated upon the type of work, amount of minimum total hours and project priority.
Hire a Programmer
This type of model is recommended for a company who is looking to employ a Hire a FULL TIME developer to work for them on our premises. We will dedicate number of employees, who will be solely be working on your projects. This model is very cost efficient way to SAVE high cost, to employ full time developer. You pay a FIX rate and don’t have to worry about investing in training, asset and web development. You just give the work and we do the rest.